Tech I use and love

Here's a breakdown of the tech I love, from the languages and frameworks I use, to tooling, all the way to my hardware and setup.


I like to keep my setup for development pretty minimal so I can focus on development without too much, in the way. I use the same setup for work and personal stuff so I've set up a hub for all my peripherals so it's easy to switch between my work and personal laptop.


13'' 2020 Macbook Pro

Looking forward to upgrading to an M2 model with a bigger screen for when I travel. But like most MacBook pros, this one is reliable and gets the job done. And since it's usually plugged into my monitor the small screen size rarely matters.

SAMSUNG CJ79 Ultrawide Monitor

I used to be skeptical about ultrawides but once I tried it I loved the workflow.

Amazon link (not affiliate)

VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount

Gotta save on desk space. Mount your monitors.

Amazon link (not affiliate)

Apple Magic Trackpad

The gestures help me work faster.